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Gynecology and Obstetrics

Gynecology - Diagnosis and Hormonal Treatment, Menopause, Family Planning, and Fertility.

Thanks to regular checkups (six-month recommendation) such as ultrasounds, pap smear, and mammograms, important diagnosis and early treatment can be achieved.

Planned parenthood is quite crucial due to Mexican regulations and unwanted pregnancies. We have IUD's, implants, contraceptives, and bilateral tube occlusion. 


  • Prenatal Control
  • Delivery
  • Caesarean section
  • Low complexity fertility treatment
  • Aesthetic Procedures of the vulva and vagina
  • Resection of ovarian cysts
  • Resection of breast cysts
  • Resection of breast fibroadenomas
  • Myomectomy
  • Hysterectomy
  • Contraception
    • IUD placement and removal
    • Implant placement and removal
    • Salpingoclasia
  • Female checkup
    • Pap smear
    • Ultrasound
    • Breast ultrasound
  • Obstetric emergencies

Laparoscopic Surgery

This is a minimally invasive surgery with only 2 to 4 small ¼ to ½ inch incisions. Through these incisions, the laparoscope is placed. These are minimally invasive surgeries with a short in-hospital stay or can even be ambulatory. This technique can be used in various specialties or diseases such as cancer to extract cists or myomas as well as procedures such as a hysterectomy, endometriosis surgery, or bilateral tubal occlusion.

Menopause and Geriatric Gynecology.

This process takes place when the ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone. During approximately one year, women stop having menstrual periods; these produce changes and symptoms such as hot flashes and mood changes. It is essential to consult with the gynecologist to manage these symptoms.

Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery: this surgery helps deal with urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse that can come after previous pregnancies and other factors.

Gynecological Oncology: It is a subspecialty that focuses on pharmacological and surgical treatment and chemotherapy, amongst other alternatives to fight cancer in reproductive organs.

Gynecological Aesthetics: It is a subspecialty that focuses on the aesthetic procedures of the vulva and vagina.


Natural Delivery and C-Section

It is vital to consult with the gynecologist for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and a healthy lifestyle. Mom must be informed of the signs and symptoms of alert, such as bloody discharge and pain that can be a sign of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. During the second trimester, mom should be aware of placental abruption, white discharge, membrane rupture, leucorrhoea, and urinary leakage.




During this surgery, the uterus is removed. This surgery can be total or partial since the fallopian tubes and ovaries can also be removed.

A hysterectomy can be needed for adenomyosis, cancer of the uterus, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, myomas, and excessive bleeding during pregnancy.



Bilateral Tubal Occlusion or Salpingoclasia Female contraceptive method. Responsible motherhood:

This procedure blocks the Fallopian tubes, making it impossible for the sperm to fertilize the ovum. It is done when women don't want to have any children or have completed their families. 

It is recommended that this surgery is done after labor, C-section, or when you are sure you do not want any more pregnancies. It is suggested during C-section since the same incision can be used to perform the surgery. 

Myomectomy - Uterine myomatosis

The myomectomy is done to remove uterine fibroids, they are non-cancerous growths (benign) that can appear at any age but usually develop during the reproductive period. During this surgery, fibroids from 2 to 6cm are removed, and the uterus remains the same; this diminishes intense menstrual bleeding and pelvic pressure. 

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