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The purpose of the bichectomy is to define and refine the face by removing the Bichat balls. These fatty tissue glands are in the cheeks. An incision is made inside the mouth to remove the fatty bags located on each check thus reducing the roundness of the dace, with immediate effects.  

Do not hesitate to seek the advice of our team of plastic surgery specialists. We will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.  

Requirements and Candidates


This is a surgery recommended for patients between 21 and 55 years old who meet normal preoperative test ranges and 4 chemistry parameters.

Pre-surgery analyses (consult with your doctor)

Preoperative analyses (check with your doctor)

  • Blood count
  • 4 chemistry parameters


Planning the surgery

  1. Telemedicine or in-person evaluation consult.
  2. Medical history form.
  3. Pre-surgery analyses.
  4. Choose a date that fits best with your work schedule, family commitments, vacations.
  5. 2 days recommended for recovery

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Surgery is simple. A gingival incision is made at the level of the second premolar, removing the bags many times without requiring sutures. This surgery is completely reversible, therefore if a lot of fat has been removed a small amount of it can be replaced so the face may have a symmetry with which the patient feels comfortable.  

  • A 1-hour surgery in the OR, or  in the minor procedures room, with local anesthesia.
  • This is an outpatient surgery and the patient returns later on the same day. Does not leave any marks or scars.
  • Come to the hospital with comfortable shoes and clothes; no makeup nor accessories.
  • Recovery takes 2 to 3 days as the incisions are minimal; however, the recommendation is that you return to your normal activities one week later.
  • Results can be seen one week later and the final effects in 3 months when all swelling has been eliminated.

Post-surgical care

  • We recommend no sunbathing for three months. Use sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • During the first week the recommendation is a liquids or soft diet.
  • Apply cold pack compressions on the cheeks.
  • Try to wear clothes that do not need to be pulled over the head.
  • You may shower the following day with lukewarm water and gentle movements on the face.
  • You will be able to wear makeup in two weeks’ time.  
  • During the first week after surgery, turn your head with your neck.
  • Avoid making drastic facial gestures.
  • Do not smoke (ask your doctor about the required post-surgical time)
  • Do not exercise for 10 days .
  • Avoid forceful physical efforts.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes.
  • Sleep on your back and horizontally.


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